To connect queer people (LGBTIQ+)  across India through literary experiences that inspire, educate and entertain

About the event:

We propose to hold India’s first ‘Awadh Queer Literature Festival’ (AQLF) in Lucknow and aspire to become an annual event that brings together queer literary community together across India. This is for first time that such an event will happen in Asia.

Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, provides a perfect setting for such an undertaking as it has a long history of literature and has a culture of acceptance. Now it’s the right time to that queer literature should claim its own space.

AQLF aims to promote and empower queer literature by fostering an environment where writers and publishers can network and discuss the community issues. It will be inspiration for new queer writers and will not only benefit just the queer community but the greater community at large.



Next Steps...

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